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A great way to help with a stress-free day is to be sure everything is planned to run smoothly.

Your ceremony or celebration should always be an enjoyable experience, however having everything happen as planned and on cue can be a challenge!

A guide to legals & documents.

You will need to complete and show the following legal documentation:

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form must be completed by both of you. This form must be filled out and lodged with me no later than 1 month and 1 day prior to your ceremony date, but no earlier than 18 months.

Original birth certificates.

Divorce Decree Absolute if either or both of you have been previously married and divorced.

A death certificate if either or both of you have been widowed.

If you were born outside of Australia and do not have a birth certificate, an original passport showing your date and place of birth must be presented.

Full names of two people over the age of eighteen who will be your witnesses & sign the legal documents.

Here's a link to all the documents...

You can find all this and more information plus all related documents at: